Good Morning everyone 12/07/2020.

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Opening Scripture:                          Psalms 100 (all)

Prayer Time:     

Anna, aged 85 and blind, used to grow all her food on a little plot of land, until locusts destroyed her crop. After three days living on water, and a daily cup of milk from a neighbour, Anna thought she was going to die. Then her pastor visited to tell her that there was food in the church, Anna thought she was dreaming! But she called her little granddaughter to lead her and they collected the life-giving supplies of maize, beans, and oil, provided by Barnabas Fund for tens of thousands 0f locust affected Christians in Uganda. Ask that aid may reach all those in need due to the unusually serious ravaging of crops by locusts in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Pakistan.

Many in our city are facing difficult times due to redundancy and businesses folding, I my self have many friends who I know that are now out of work. Prayer that the hope of the Lord is revealed to them, Prayer for strength for them and for their families, prayer that as we meet and speak with those we know  that we can share gospel of hope with them, but not just that, but  that we can also be practical too, if they need help.  Luke 14 v 12-14


Scripture Readings:                                        Psalms 98 (all)                                  

A few words for the day.


As you my get from the two readings, I want to talk a little about praise and worship.

Praise, Worship, Thanksgiving, Rejoicing are so central to our faith, it’s often how we express how we feel inside relating to God, We watch Song of Praise on the TV and listen to all the music and song, both new and old. We have various types and flavours, some like the Pipe organ and the Hymns, while others like the Choruses and a guitar, while other like the full band with the high volume.

As many churches are still not meeting, because of the restrictions on meeting together and the rules laid out by government it is very difficult for churches work as they would normally.

Currently the advice is not to sing or chat or shout in places of worship, and that recordings should be used or you can use a professional singers but must have plexi-glass screens, so for this many reason many churches are still remaining closed for Sunday worship.

Its could be very easy to loose heart here, as worship so central to us and many churches, but we need to understand that worship does not need to be about all sing “When I survey the wonderous Cross” on a Sunday morning. John 4 v23-24 A will know verse does not mention worship in the sense of coming together and singing few hymns or songs, Worship is heart response to God.   We need to Worship in Spirit and Truth, Worship in not restricted to a location, or a time.

True worship is about spirit and truth, We need to be in Spirit, we have the Holy Spirit in us, he lives in, the third member of the trinity in you, The Holy Spirit in a force from God or Just a power, the Holy Spirit is God, He is a He and not an it, The bible tells us Ephesians 4 v 30, Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, To grieve someone is to cause sorrow or cause pain, The Holy Spirit has a will, a personality, he can be offended. You cannot offend a power or a force. So, when we worship, we worship with in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

We need to worship in truth, What Truth. We need to know the Truth, we need to recognise our position is Christ and our place in his Kingdom, The Truth is we a redeemed, we are saved, we have been adopted, we are sealed in the Holy Spirit, we come to worship in the truth of these things. Being a good person does not get you into heaven, only being saved is what get us there.

Our salvation is not dependant on our works, Its Gods works that brings salvation. So to worship in truth is about knowing our place and the truth of what He has done for us. Hebrews 4 14-16 talks about approaching Gods throne in Confidence, but this is not confidence in our actions, this is in confidence of what Jesus has done for. I myself am not worthy to approach the Throne of Grace But clothed in the Righteous of Christ I can be confident.

As we are all in lockdown still, and like you I am really looking forward to meeting together and worshiping Him together. But at the moment that is not possible, but my God is bigger than all what is going on in the world, I am able to approach the throne of Grace wherever I am.

Have a read of Acts 4 v 22-26. Paul and Silas where in prison, they were chained by their feet, they had already been stripped and beaten. Yet they still worshiped, there was no band or organ playing, no flashing lights or even a worship leader in tight jeans singing in octaves that most people cannot reach. They were probably in the dark, so they had no song book or Media Projector. Anyway, you get my point, they worship God, they knew who they were in Christ, they were in the spirit.

This is the kind of attitude we to have towards worship, I am not saying we need  to be stripped and beaten or in chains, but we need to come to God with a thankful heart for what he has done, and as we worship we know we are not our own because the Holy Spirit is in you, they will even be a few angels joining in too. So just go for it. Whether in you home or at work, on the bus or in the car.

Worship him, it does not have to be loud, sing in your heart.

Ephesians 5 v 18-20. Sing and Music in your heart. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the wrong key, It doesn’t matter if the words are grand or not. But I can tell you when that worship and music hits the throne of God it is a beautiful sound to His ear, not because of the music, but because you are worshiping in Spirit and Truth.

So be encouraged, “we will meet again” as sang by the wonderful Late Vera Lynn.

Have a blessed and worship full week.




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