Good Morning everyone 29/03/2020.

Welcome to Kingsway Church, Service by Webpage.


Opening Scripture:          Psalms 100

Prayer Time:                     

The Government and those affected, especially, The Prime Minster and the Health Minister who have both tested positive with the virus.

Continue to pray for Darren that he will make a full recovery, and also for the family, prayer for the Peace of God to rule and reign in their hearts.

Pray for each other in our fellowship, for protection, wisdom and healing.

Pray for the Country of Iraq. 75% of Christians (1.5 million in 1990) have had to leave due to hostility. Pray for them and those who remain -unsafe in their own homeland.


Scripture:                            1 Thessalonians 5 v 16-24

A few words of reflection

Over that last few weeks we have seen the world change dramatically, we have seen how many have lost their lives or are critically ill at the moment, schools, churches, and other places closed where people meet, empty roads, no planes flying overhead, and all the many people who have ben able to work from home.

We have also seen a different side to people, the hard-working NHS, all the volunteers who are going the extra mile to help their neighbours. Jenny and I stood on our doorstep Thursday night to clap and cheer the NHS Staff, I was blown away with the responses of people, we could lots of noise, a few fireworks, cheering and so on. The only time in my life I have seen something like this was when the Princess of Wales Dianna was killed in the car accident) People instinctively join together in difficult times, helping and supporting each other.

We have also seen the bad side of some people too, those who would use this time to manipulate those in our society who may be elderly and on their own, and take opportunities to steal or con them. We have seen the greed of some when shopping, and not thinking of those who may struggle to out and shop.

What is the Lord saying to us and what is our response to all of what is going on around us?

We all have a different story to tell, I love my family very much and its been very hard not seeing my children and grandchildren, Not having my grandson sit on my knee while just chatting with him or reading a story or making cakes on a Saturday morning.

But what I have been doing is reflecting on the Lord, seeking him more and more. The lyrics of this well know chorus come to mind.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full, in his wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace”

AS we draw near to God it may not change the situation around us, but it changes us in the situation. Our attitude can change from “Fear to Faith” from “Victim to Victor”.

And then as we prayer for those around us and the situation we prayer from Faith and Victory, because we are the Head, and not the Tail.

There are two type of praying we can do.

1, As a Thermometer, what do I mean, we can prayer things but we prayer from the wrong perspective, we prayer from with the situation. We tell God how bad it is and what we would like him to do. 


2, As a Thermostat, we pray from a position of faith and victory, we pray truth into situations and circumstances, we pray from the point of Victory not defeat. A thermostat sets the temperature a thermometer is great to tells us the temperature but can increase the or heat.

In conclusion,

We need to get into God so much more and in into his presence much more, meet him more and more, in these times were for many us we have more time on our hands, lets use this time wisely.

As Christians we will be far more effective to those around us, the Holy Spirit can also be very infectious, touching those we meet.  And bringing light into this messed up world we live in.

Have a great week, stay in touch with each other, by phone, text, email, social media and so on.

Blessings  to you all (Missing you all very much)

Scripture             2 Cor 13 v14 (Amen)


Our God is the Way Maker and Miracle Working God


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