Good Morning everyone 31/05/2020.

Welcome to Kingsway Church, Service by Webpage.


Opening Scripture:                          John 7 v 37-41   

Prayer Time:     


Prayer for the government, and the people of this nation. Over the last few weeks we have seen a lot of media coverage concerning Dominic Cummings, and whether he was right or wrong.  I have been very disturbed by the media and the constant hounding of this man and his family and when other MP’s have broken rules it does not get a mention. The media are showing a total lack of respect and honour towards the government and those in power. They seem to want to undermine everything that is being said or done. Whether we agree or not with Government decision I think is slightly irrelevant. Our Job is to pray for them and to honour them.  So we need to prayer for those media companies, we need to prayer that they repent of their arrogant and self-righteous opinions, and above that they show honour.  

Pray for Burkina Faso, where 29 Christians were killed in February by militants. Earlier in January gunmen threaten to kill anyone in a small town who would not convert to Islam, at least 10 men were shot dead and the women ordered to leave town. Pray for those who mourn, that they will be comforted by knowing their loved ones died for Christ. Ask the Lord for protection from further attacks.

Many people are struggling with the whole situation we are faced with at the moment, many people have found it very depressive, especially those who live on their own and are housebound, or those who may have lost their job and finding it financially hard. There may be some we know, we need to prayer for comfort and peace for them, as well as maybe offering practical support where possible.




Scripture Readings:        Matt 28 v 16-20 and Acts 2 - All

A few words for the day

Today is Pentecost Sunday, Or Shavuot (Feast of Weeks)

Is the day we remember when the Holy Spirit was poured out on ten early church, often people will say it is the Birth of Church.


The holy spirit was not poured out on this day by coincidence, as we know every God does, he does at the right time and for his purposes, and also to fulfil what he set out in the old testament though the law and through the prophets.

Sadly some believers don’t look back into old testament laws and prophecy, and the day of Pentecost is all about being filled with the Holy Spirit, which do not get me wrong, we absolutely need the Holy Spirit in us, a Christian without the Holy spirit is like a car with out petrol, Still a car but not going anywhere. Some believers may declare that they do not need the filling of the Holy Spirit, This I believe is arrogance and pride, thinking we do not need the spirit. Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not overcome it”. Its not us that build the Church of Christ, its Christ that Builds the Church for the Father and by the Holy Spirit.  

So, if you ever meet a believer that says we don’t need the Holy Spirit, well they need to repent.




As we look at the old testament, we see the plans and designs of the Lord all through.

Leviticus 23 if you want to read list all of the festivals, this chapter makes a great bible study and you can see through it all the plans that the Lord has, and some of the festivals that Jesus fulfilled too, Passover is a great example as Jesus is the Passover Lamb that cleanses us from Sin.

Shavuot is a day that is celebrated as the day when the law was revealed to Moses on mount Sinai and to Israel, which was also fifty days after the crossing of the red sea.

I find it all so amazing that how God plans and times everything, it tells us so much about his character, his plans, and his way. Often these can be missed in modern church as often the focus is on Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and the Old testament just gathers dust.

So, what does this all mean for us, and especially during this unusual time. 

The main thing is that God is in Control, The Lord did not go in to panic mode when the Virus hit us, God has not gone into lockdown. So, we do not need to worry, we need to trust, we need remain faithful, and not be fearful.

We need to know that everything that God does is in his time, and that his timing is perfect, planned, and pre-ordained. He is the Alpha the Omega, The First and Last, the beginning and the end.

The day the Israelites went across the Red Sea was planned, the Day Jesus was crucified, was planned, the day He rose was planned, the day the Holy Spirit came was planned.

I just rejoice knowing I do not need to be concerned or worry about the future, its out of my control and he has it all wrapped up in his plans. As we read through Scripture, we can still see the plans of the Lord coming to pass as we get closer to his return.

The scripture we read at the start was Matthew 28 v 16- 20.

It is a verse of Hope, and Promise. A verse of instruction and purpose.

I am looking forward to us meeting again and putting these verses into action, I really believe that God is using this time of Lockdown to prepare us, prepare the Church.

I believe the church will see great numbers coming to Christ for the repentance of sins.

So, let us be encouraged during this time, knowing that Gods has HIS plans and purposes and that HE is building HIS church and the gates of hell will NOT overcome it.


Have a blessed week. 








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