Good Morning everyone 09/08/2020.

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Opening Scripture:                          Deuteronomy 7:9

Prayer Time:


During the Covid lockdown in Kyrgyzstan, when congregations could not gather on Sundays, the authorities asked one pastor if his church could be used for quarantining, including the homeless. He was delighted that the building would continue to serve people and his church members got busy feeding those quarantined. Seeing their zeal, the authorities then gave him lists of isolated elderly people to feed as well and passes so his church members could move around the city to do this work. Praise God that the Kyrgyz authorities have seen Christians as loving, caring, and trustworthy. 


Pray for friends and family members who may not know the Lord, pray that they will have their eyes opened to the truth of the Lord. Pray that they will see the on answer to these difficult time is the Lord



Scripture Readings:                                        Hebrews 10:19-25                                          

A few words for the day.

We live in a world where it is sometimes difficult to put your faith into things or people, but we all do it. We have faith that when the delivery man says he will deliver, then he will deliver. We have faith that when we vote our voice will be heard. We have faith when we are on the phone to the Gas or electric company and they tell we are 3rd in queue, we have that they will answer. As a parent I have faith that my children will tidy up their room and do their chores. The list goes on.

But the is reality, we all know we get let down. We put our faith into something or someone and we end being disappointed.

But God is not, he is Faithful. In Hebrew it is Ha’El hanne’eman” literally “The Faithful God”

This means he is, loyal, true to his word, steadfast, trustworthy and so much more.

Us on the other are not, we are not always loyal or true to our word, not always trustworthy or steadfast.

2 Tim 2,13 if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.

All week I have been singing a song in my head and the chorus is as follows.

Faithful, You are. Faithful, Forever you will be. Faithful, You are. All Your promises are yes and amen. It’s a nice simple song but so full of truth. And as I have been singing, I have been so aware of God’s Faithfulness, and also, so aware of my faithlessness.

This is not to make is feel condemned by our faithlessness, but to encourage us that despite our faithlessness hi is still faithful. Often if close friendships, if one friend is less faithful to the relations over time the other person can be come less faith too and the relationship can drift apart.

But no matter I far I am unfaithful to the Lord, he is Still Faithful.

Our character is different to God, sure we have been created in his image, and we can see in Jesus the characteristics of God. And we have bits of those in us. But there is Sin that gets in the way, we far to react to things based on our emotions, someone may say something that offends us and often our reaction is not of faith. We fold our arms and scowl our face, we may say something that comes out being defensive, I certainly do this at times. We sometimes make choice that are not good, sometimes we act too much on impulse and wisdom goes out of the window.

But God is not like that. Numbers 23:19 , This verse is pretty clear, as I read it, I know I am only a man. Psalms 33:4, He is Faithfull to his word.

If God was not True and Faithful, then he is not God.

We only have to look at some of the other Religions and Cults, and it seems God sometimes changes his mind, that is not the God of the bible. We see it also in mainstream churches, with Replacement theology. The church sometimes will change the truth to be more acceptable in today’s world, but it’s the world that should change to be acceptable to God.

We see so much of this with the LGBT movement, discipline, and moral decline, and then church changing itself to acceptable. 

God does not change to acceptable; he tells us we need to change to be accepted.

I am so glad He is Faithful, my faith is in his faithfulness not mine.

Psalms 91:4 Speak of his faithfulness that gives us protection and refuge.

Lamentations 3:22-23. What a relief we are not consumed, not that we don’t often deserve it but its because he is Faithful.

Lastly read 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

He has called you; he has blessed you with his Grace. You will be blameless before God as your sin is washed away, and all because He is Faithful.

Have a great week ahead, keep your focus on His Faithfulness, and don’t beat your self when you faithless. We just come to him and repent and ask for his help.

Our God is Faithfull, Amen








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