Good Morning everyone 22/08/2020.

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Opening Scripture:                Isaiah 6 (all)   

Prayer Time:  

Only God knows the number of Libyan Christians, as most are secret believers because of the dangers they face for having left Islam. Social media is a major part of sharing the Gospel there. A student who was very ill felt led to enter s church building. where he was healed. He decided to follow Christ and posted his story online, getting 4,200 responses.  Ask the Lord to continue His work of drawing Libyans to Himself.

Prayer that our nation will turn to God in repentance, that the hearts of the power who lead will open their eyes to the truth of the Lord

Scripture Readings:               Psalms 97 (all)                                               

A few words for the day.

“Our God is High and Lifted”, “He is Exalted above things”, these are the words that have been on my mind all this week. I find that often he places a song in my heart and the words of that song are a constant reminder of who God is and what our response to him is.

Today’s Hebrew word is “El’ Elyon” The Exalted God or The Most High God.

All through Scripture we see the phrases being used.

This speaks of the Lords Sovereignty, His Power, His Authority, It’s a declaration of who He is and what He has done.

He is not a God that is a big fluffy teddy bear and that is softy, or a God who just gives us everything we want all the time. Often people treat God a slot machine, where they just put something in and he just gives out all the time, The Prosperity Gospel which is so sadly preached in many Mega Churches as an example; “Come to God and He will do” or “He will give you”. This is so sadly a misuse of the teaching and often is used in a manipulative way to get people to give money for a false hope, and to also sadly, line the Pockets of many a wealthy preacher. God is not someone to be messed with, or someone to be manipulated.


We read from the book of Isaiah Chapter 6, and Isaiah was in the presence of the Lord, the Most High, “El’ Elyon”, His reaction was not one of, “Ok God I need this in my life or I need that”. His reaction was one of awe at the scale of what he saw, the Majesty and the Splendour and the Awesomeness God. God is not this bug fluffy toy, but He is Mighty and  Powerful, Isaiah said the doorpost and thresholds shook at the noise of those in throne room. Isaiah’s first reaction was of being aware of his own sin, He said, “Woe to Me” and he cried “I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty.”

His reaction was one of his own shame and his own sin, God did not point the finger and point his sin out to him! but just being in the presence of God Almighty he was self-aware of his own sin and shame and guilt.

This is a Kingdom principle and one that as Church and the Body of Christ we should have. The closer we get to God the more aware we are of our failings and our sin, as Christians when we all back slide and move away from God from time to time, we also become less aware of our Sin and then as we drawer close again to Him we become more aware of our sin.

As we read on in  Isaiah’s accounts, the Most High God deals with the Sin, the live coal in the Hands of the Seraphs touches his lips, and his sin was dealt with, his guilt was washed away, what an Awesome God we serve, The grace of God in our lives is so amazing and totally undeserved.

This Awesome God, the One who is high and lifted up, deals with our sin as we come to him, and as we recognise our sin and shame.

The thief on the Cross next to Jesus Luke 23:39-43, is a good example, Jesus did not point the finger, but the man was aware of his sin and accepted the consequences, but then the Grace of God reached out and he was forgiven right in the last moment of his life.


This world is full of sin, and the job of the church is not to sell a promise of a better life that is an easy living life, and full of blessings in our finance’s. Or a life that is about feeling good about one’s self because God has blessed us, and if any 2 or 3 agree on anything it will be done, Such a misuse and misunderstanding of scripture.

The job of the church is live in the Kingdom Principles and have a kingdom mindset, which is drawing people to Him, or leading people to him, not so that they gain things in their lives but so that their Sin will be washed away by the Most High God, Of course there are blessings as Christians, but the Gospel is about dealing with the Sin in our lives and the only hope in our lives that is Jesus (Yeshua the Messiah).

In John 14:5-6, Jesus makes it quite clear the only to the Father is through Him, this means that our sin needs to be dealt with and only Jesus can do this, Ours Sin and Guilt needs to brought to him in repentance.

1 Peter 1:13-16, We are called to live a holy life, our hopes are not to be in things of this world, but our Hope is the Gospel of Christ, and Grace of the God, The Most High.

2 Tim 3:1-4, these are the last days, and we see things that are far from the Lord, and from Kingdom Principles. We must keep our eyes on Him, it is easy to get drawn in other things and take our eyes of Him, and none of us are immune from these things, but keeping our focus on the Most High, pulls us back into line. Not because God waves a big stick at us, but because like Isaiah, the closer we get to God the more aware we become to our sin, and the more aware we recognise it God can deal with it through Grace, God deals with sin, by us approaching him with a repentant heart. God does respond to our bank accounts, our political views, or our good works, he responds to repentance.

This nation and many others need God more than ever, but political ism’s and ideologies, or political correctness, and green and environment issues will not fix things, wearing mask and keeping 2 meters will not fix things.  

Only coming to Him and coming to Him in repentance is the only answer.

During this week as I have been focusing on the Most High God and that He is High and Lifted up, it has made more and more aware of my own failings and shortcomings, and as I bring my sin to him in repentance I see the repeated Grace and Mercy of God poured out into my life, the Hot coal that touches our lips, is not pleasant, sin is painful and shameful, but His Grace wipes away my guilt and shame.


Praise Him, that he is the Most High, “El’ Elyon” the only hope that is real.



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