Kingsway Church is a partnering church with Kingdom Faith, Horsham, West Sussex.

The call of Kingdom Faith is... 

"To see revival for a generation - turning the tide of a Godless society; by faith, expressed through love in the power of the Holy Spirit, to win and make disciples of all nations."

A partnering church is a church (body of believers) who shares a common vision. Being a partnering church does not mean that Kingdom Faith govern or rule over the church, instead support, equip and encourage churches though many available resources.

What we can expect from Kingdom Faith as a Partner Church

  • Encourage and inspire you in your walk as a Christian by providing you with great teaching.
  • Give you access to a website that is dedicated exclusively to our partners.
  • Stand with you as part of the wider Kingdom Faith Church family for the answer to specific prayer requests.
  • Send you a monthly update of what is going on in the life of Kingdom Faith; including information about upcoming events

What Kingdom Faith can expect from their Partners

  • Pray for Kingdom Faith.
  • Have the opportunity to sow financially into the vision of Kingdom Faith.

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